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Kids Camp Activity Guide


This section is designed to help you decide what sorts of activities you are interested in, and if a specially themed camp is the one for your children.

If you are looking for a specialist camp use this section to research the options open to you. The broad categories are sports camps, Science Camps, Language Camps and Arts Camps. Many provide a mixture of activities and it is possible to combine most summer camp activities with language tuition.

Sports Camps - Traditional, outdoor, indoor and urban

Use the holidays to train and improve at football, tennis, golf and just about any other sport you can think of. Camps can be residential or just for the day and can even be combines with language tuition. On some of the international camps, such as football training in The Seychelles the parents can go along too! If sailing or swimming is more your idea of fun, watersports are also well catered for and covered seperately in the section below; as are winter outdoor activities and snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding. It's not all about traditional sports though, camps for urban sports such as skateboarding and in-line skating are out there, more in the USA but starting to appear in the UK and Europe.

Watersports Camps - floating, sailing, paddling, swimming

As with most categories watersports camps run in the summer mainly but are also available in the winter and as residential and day camps. Again, the levels of tuition vary from combined beginner camps to give kids a chance to try out a variety of disciplines through to intensive training camps for older kids and teens who might have a future in a particular watersport. Each area is covered in detail in this dedicated watersports section.

Performing Arts Camps- Singing, dancing, circus tricks

There are a few performing arts summer camps that hold auditions for entry but most are open to all levels of talent and experience.

Science & Technology Camps - Inventing, chemistry, nature and computing

Science camps in Chemistry, Inventing, Maths, IT, Physics, Engineering and Natural Science aim to give entertaining hands-on science experiences for children. The idea is to hold science up as a world of discovery that can spark children's imaginations and have a positive effect on their schooling and future prospects.

More activities - Languages, Crafts, Games...

Arts & Crafts, Games, Languages and of course English language tuition camps for international students make up most of the rest of the theme based kids and teenager camps. Keep an eye on this section for more info.