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Football Training Summer Camps

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Football Camps

Football and soccer camps are very popular and there are many different types to choose from. Aside from the obvious benefits of learning new football skills and techniques, improving fitness and encouraging a healthier lifestyle, many football camps also include educational and cultural themes within the program. Kids can learn a language, life and social skills, even visit some amazing places while on camp. Course programs vary depending on age and ability but will include an introduction to football for the beginners, fitness, skills and techniques, and confidence building exercises. The information below should give you a little insight into the different types of football camps available.

UK non-residential football camps

There are often small locally organised football training camps that are run at schools and sports centres around the country, these types of events are usually non-residential and are attended on a day to day basis. They are run by a mix of by local authorities, sports and leisure groups, youth organisations or even football clubs themselves. A typical summer camp costs around £100 to £150 per week, or £30 to £50 a day. You may be able to find cheaper options with some local authorities and councils. Some companies offer football camps throughout the school terms as well as during the holidays.

UK residential football camps

A residential camp can be a fantastic choice for kids fanatical about football. They can completely immerse themselves in “the beautiful game” and meet some great friends along the way. There are football intensive camps where the whole time is dedicated to the game such as the famous Bobby Charlton Soccer School . A certain David Beckham attended this soccer school when he was a kid. There are also camps that have football at the core of the week but involve other activities and classes as well, like the JCA football camps. Costs vary and start at around £250 for a week and can go up to around £850. For those serious footballers, be sure to check that the coaches are professional and have coaching qualifications.

Overseas football camps

There are lots of overseas football camps available worldwide. Obviously the cost will be considerably more, but a week away training with professional coaches can be an adventure of a lifetime for your child. Many of the top football clubs in the world offer training camps so your kids can go back to school and tell their friends they trained at Real Madrid or FC Barcelona! There are 1, 2 and even some 4 week camps available. If you choose a course run by an actual football club, don’t get the wrong one. Little Johnny or Sarah might not be best pleased if you send them to Madrid with their favourite Barcelona shirt on!